Step to your beat

Are you stepping to your own beat? Not just when the music is on!

There is quite a cool take on this from Greg Bern’s book, entitled Iconoclast - defined

as “a person who does something that others say can’t be done”.

There are 3 things an iconoclast does uniquely…

1.” The iconoclast sees the world differently”.

2. “The iconoclast creates freedom from fear”.

3. “The iconoclast cultivates social intelligence”.

Sounds amazing right?!…Yet Bern goes on to share…

“It is, of course, not easy to be an iconoclast. The iconoclast risks social and professional ostracism, frequently alienates colleagues, and must face a daily reckoning with a high likelihood of failure. They walk a tough road”.

What can you do to step more to your own beat…(irrespective of others and own thoughts of doubt)?



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