Step + Sprint + Stretch

Over a typical week you’ll be hard pressed not to find me ‘step, sprint and stretch’ in some variation.

And I ain’t simply talking about through movement.

Todd Henry uses these three approaches – steps ,sprints and stretches to describe the kinds of goals that can help you to consistently and intentionally grow.

1. Step goals = a short goal (daily usually) that contribute towards moving forward even just a bit

2. Sprint goals = a medium goal (1-2 weeks) that requires you to move further + tap into a new level of capacity.

3. Stretch goal = a long-term goal that requires you to way beyond your zone of comfort.

As Hardy says...

“Each of these three types of goals nest within one another. Step goals help you accomplish your sprint goals, and sprint goals help you accomplish your stretch goals. They don’t always have to co-exist, but it’s unwise to set the long-arc goals without having accompanying short-arc goals to help you get there.”

Let’s end off with this so you can ‘step'…

“We usually reach our end goal, but fail to consider the mechanics, or the day-to-day logistics, of how we will actually get to where we want to be.”



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