Stay Deep

How serious are you about wanting to explore your potential and possibilities?

That is …give it the best possible shot you can at getting real good?

This may require you to go ‘deep’.

You ready for that ?

“The deep life, of course, is not for everybody. It requires hard work and drastic changes to your habits. For many, there’s a comfort in the artificial busyness of rapid e-mail messaging and social media posturing, while the deep life demands that you leave much of that behind. There’s also an uneasiness that surrounds any effort to produce the best things you’re possible of producing, as this forces you to confront the possibility that your best is not (yet) that good. It’s safer to comment on our culture than to step…” (Newport).

Why not step to your potential + step by step to your potential with depth?

Think about it. You can’t realize your potential by splashing around in little puddles all the time.

Go Deep + remain deep in waves of concentration and recovery.



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