One Saturday afternoon many years ago a friend and I took a stroll through a city park.

We chilled on a bench and watched as a squirrel came up to us and then unusually and quite suddenly crawled up close to us and perched on the back of the bench and peered at us with its one remaining eye before scuttling down, grabbing a nut and hurtling up into a tree!

I share that as an entry point into squirrels…

“A squirrel does not have to be taught how to gather nuts. Nor does it need to learn that it should store them for winter. A squirrel born in the spring has never experienced winter. Yet in the fall of the year it can be observed busily storing nuts to be eaten during the winter months when there will be no food to be gathered. ..”

This passage comes from Maxwell Maltz.

I read his book more than a decade ago and there are some fascinating insights shared.

Maybe you weren’t born under the most well-resourced conditions. Maybe it was winter, maybe it was spring, maybe it was summer.

All of these factors for sure are really really important to know and keep close and be aware of and yet let none of these things hold you back…

“Creative striving for a goal that is important to you as a result of your own deep-felt needs, aspirations and talents (and not the symbols which the ‘Joneses’ expect you to display) brings happiness as well as success because you will be functioning as you were meant to function.” (Maltz)

Who really knows the story of that squirrel in that park that had one eye.

Was the squirrel born that way? Did something happen along the way?

Who knows.

That squirrel was unusual, daring and for want of a better word ‘focused’.

Maybe winter is coming or summer. Regardless of the seasons perhaps now is a perfect time to gather some added knowledge or reading and experience that you can bank for a rainy day.

Got any reading, opportunities, mini goals, dares or opportunities to be courageous that you can start on?



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