Spilling the Milk

Our little one’s drink milk by the gallon and also spill it too!

Whether they spill it, we spill it, you spill it, anyone spills it... there’s one simple task to be had after.

Mop it up.

Check this out from Carnegie…

“Some readers are going to snort at the idea of making so much over a hackneyed proverb like ‘Don’t cry over spilt milk.’ I know it is trite, commonplace, a platitude. I know you have heard it a thousand times. But I also know that these hackneyed proverbs contain the very essence of the distilled wisdom of all ages. They have come out of the fiery experience of the human race and have been handed down through countless generations. If you were to read everything that has ever been written about worry by the great scholars of all time, you would never read anything more basic or more profund than such hackneyed proverbs as ‘Don’t cross your bridges until you come to them’ and ‘Don’t cry over spilt milk…. However, knowledge isn’t power until it is applied…”

When the ‘milk’ spills you can cry.

Sure…that is an option and depending on what it means to you that might be an important response.

And yet how many oops moment really need ‘worry’ and over reacting?

Next time the ‘milk’ spills consider your options + responses + solutions.

Might simply mean mopping it up and getting on with things.



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