Slow - baked

I once headed out to listen to a seminar being delivered by an international author. The topic for the evening was purpose.

It was a real goodie and ticked all the boxes on inspiring content, feeling, presentation and all that.

I came out of that seminar all ‘fired’ up and walked into the city night trying to ask ‘what’s my purpose, what’s my purpose’?! I kinda got frustrated cos the answers’ weren’t forthcoming.

Somehow, I was expecting a quick introspective evening walk after a 90 - minute seminar on purpose to deliver the goods.

It didn’t.

Check this out from Brooks…

“No good life is possible unless it is organized around a vocation. ... A vocation is not found by looking within and finding your passion. It is found by looking without and asking what life is asking of us. What problem is addressed by an activity you intrinsically enjoy?”

~ David Brooks

Pretty cool huh? A slightly different approach here and one more connected to what you currently do.

It’s totally okay if clarity does not come overnight or by yourself in one evening after a seminar.

If it takes a bit of time that’s totally okay.

Defining, discovering and developing your potential over time may just be a good thing?

What do you think?



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