Simply Walking

Looking for a free and easy way to contribute towards your potential?

Try walking.


Not all in one go…but in distributed spurts.

Check this out from Bowman…

“In addition to considering how we distribute mileage throughout the week, we must also discuss how we distribute our walking throughout the day. As I’ve discussed, walking all at once brings mechanical stimulation all at once. Walking uses a greater number of muscles (when done naturally) than most other activities, which means taking yourself for a walk is like taking your cells out to eat. If you walk your daily three miles all at once, and then follow them up with stillness, your body must wait a full twenty-four hours until its next ‘feeding’ and waste-removal session. If you walk one mile three times a day, the cells are fed smaller amounts throughout the day and waste is removed more frequently.”

When’s your next opportunity to walk?



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