'Simple' stories of potential?

Part of the reason for providing so many examples and perspectives on potential is because the definitions, discovery and development of potential and possibilities are complex, unique and multi-layered.

Thus, one size fits all just ain’t gonna cut it.

Berger offers some important ‘mind traps’ to look out for as we continue on our unique journey of discovery.

Let’s focus in on the first one…

First, don’t get “trapped by simple stories… Your desire for a simple story blinds you to a real one.”

There’s a lot of ways at coming at this mindtrap.

I want to come at it from the perspective of ‘success stories’.

We can often see finished ‘product’s, packaged ‘products’ vis a ve people we perceive to have ‘made it’. Some how they are ‘overnight success’ or their story presents a simple one from point a to point b.

We see that and think look how ‘simple’ that is and go about following ‘some’ steps towards what we now perceive as the simple route.


This one is a ‘mindtrap’.

Sometimes the stories presented to us about other’s whom we admire or perceive has high performers is far more complex then the simple plot presented.

So rather than get trapped by a ‘simple story’ why not create your own awesome one with all the u-turns, challenges, uphills, downhills, laughs and cries and range of emotions and thinking and experience that come with it?

Why not create your own story of potential far more complex and filled with depth than any ‘simple’ story you’ve come across?

What would you like to write next?



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