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Shower Talk

When you wake up on the morning what do you say to yourself?

What’s your internal chatter like?

Check this out from Shad Helmstetter...

“a way I recommend you try at your next available opportunity. I refer to it as ‘shower talk’ and it works like this: Tomorrow morning, when you step into the shower, say ‘Good morning!’ to yourself. Say it out loud, and say it with a smile in your voice. Greet the day with your chin up, your attitude high, and tell yourself just how great the day ahead is going to be. ‘You look great today! You feel good, you’re in good shape, and you’re ready to tackle anything!’ And then respond—give yourself an answer back. ‘I feel terrific! Today especially! I feel good, I like who I am and I’m glad to be alive and going for it!’

Even two or three minutes of that kind of rousing internal motivation can get you started on the right foot, facing the day, looking forward to it, and get you moving and believing in a way that can change an average day into an exceptional day. And it works! Think how much better that kind of invigorating, positive day-starting, confidence-building self-dialogue can be than the other ways we often use to start our day.”

A weird question but when are you next taking a shower?!

More importantly…

When is your next ‘shower talk’?



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