Settling vs giant leaps

I’ve an associate that hinges their well – being on the work that they do.

They’ve been attempting to break into a new field and initially on that journey pinned their identity and well – being on the expected outcomes.

When it goes well, they are well. When it don’t they kinda retreat.

Whatever the field may be check this out…

“Hey, just slow down. See if you can get hold of yourself. Do you need to scare yourself to make this profession work out financially? Why would that be true?

My experience says its not true at all. The coaches I’ve seen succeed just relax and do their jobs. They do the doable. They learn the simple systems used by other successful coaches. They get up for work each day, just like other people do, and they practice their profession, just like an accountant or a lawyer would do.

They are okay feeling like average people having an average day making an average amount of progress each day toward professional strength and prosperity. Rather than taking a daring leap, they just settle in. From there, the good career gets created. The system is that simple: settle in.” (Chandler)

with Arete,


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