Setting the bar + standard practice

Have you got goals?

How high is it set?

I ask that not to unnecessarily question you but to test something.

Check this…

“If you put a limit on anything, you put a limit on how far you can go. I don’t think anything is too high... If you think about doing the unthinkable, you can. The sky is the limit... Anything is possible. I deliberately set very high goals for myself; I work very hard to get there.”

~ Michael Phelps

Setting a goal but not actually showing up. Well that’s just fantasy.

Setting a goal and dabbling. Well that’s just playing playing around.

Setting a goal and going 75% in. Why? You scared and looking for an allaby if you don’t make it?

Setting a goal with distributed practice and rest and giving it all you got = Now you on to something.

Do this as standard practice and you can set the bar high.

With Arete


Ps setting the bar high also requires standard practice.

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