Set Points

Imagine if temperature and water were people and they were indecisive. Imagine if they never quite made up their mind as to what degree would lead to boiling. One day it might be 212, another 250, another day 300.

Similarly, for us, have the conversations, make up your mind and then do you best to boil that water at the set temperature.

Here are some interesting numbers for you:

212 degrees = the temperature for water to boil at

451 degrees = for fire

The time you wake up to rock it = ?

The time you go to sleep to rest it = ?

The time you seek to do your best work = ?

The time you seek to unplug = ?

We could go on here with a ton of other questions which you may wish to clarify.

Pick or generate one question you wish to clarify more and then take the time to get a set point. Then commit.

For example, I know that if I ‘boil’ in the morning by way of what’s important for me I’m on ‘fire’ for the rest of the day.

Everyone’s different, hence the need to pose and generate your own q’s.



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