Self - worth

It’s a fine line between challenge and support.

Too much of either can tip you lopsided.

As Demartini says too much support and you remain juvenile.

Too much challenge and you can end up repressed.

How you appraise both challenge and support and the extent to which your self worth hinges on those external sources of feedback can leave it all in the hands of others.

Check this out…

“You are no more or less worthy than any other person or part of reality. Your sense of worth grows by doing what is worthy. But you do not have to feel worthy; you need only treat yourself as you would a loved one or honored guest, ending self-destructive behaviors or cycles of self-sabotage, opening to life’s opportunities.” Millman

What could you say to yourself to increase your sense of self - worth?


What would you say to someone you know struggling with self - worth?

If needs be apply the advice you’d give others.

Self – application.



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