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Self - Worth

If someone was to ask you how you perceive you, what would you say?

Do you accept you as you right now?

How’s your self – worth levels?

A bit of a personal question innit, but an important one that you can privately reflect on…

“Self-worth is not a thing; it is a perception. Just as a gymnast begins a routine with ten points and receives deductions for each mistake, so you began life with a natural, complete sense of worth. (Have you ever met an infant with self-worth issues?) But as you grow, you serve as your own judge, deducting points when you misunderstand the nature of living, and learning—when you forget you are a human-in-training and that making mistakes and having slips of integrity and mediocre moments are a part of life, not unforgivable sins.” (Millman)

If self-worth is a perception, that means it’s possible for the view of you to change


The person most in charge of changing that?


Consider what you could perceive more favourably about yourself to increase your self-worth.

No one is asking you to be flawless.

Self-worth is not about that.



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