Self talk + your future

If you could sit down with someone to gain some wisdom and clarity about your future directions what would you be seeking?

What questions would you ask em?

Here’s a goodie for ya…

“What do you want? What do you really want? If you could have it any way you please, what would you pick? St. Augustine once said, Dilige et quod vis fac: ‘If you are loving and diligent, you can do whatever you like.’

Whatever you like. If you are afraid and undisciplined, which most of us are, you can’t do whatever you like because you can’t sustain the focus, intention, and energy needed to pull it off.

Do you have something in your life you want badly enough that you are willing to sacrifice everything else in order to achieve it? Keep in mind that if you make this sacrifice, the world will kick your ass. You will be told to ‘be realistic’ or to ‘think about it’ or to ‘be rational,’ right? That’s the lie that’s killing you right now. Greatness is not about being rational and realistic. It’s about irrational and crazy thinking.

Chances are that almost everyone you know has given up on themselves and their dreams.

So why would they encourage your dreams? If you succeed, you will make them more uncomfortable. Average encourages average; mediocre prefers mediocre. In the middle of a competition, there will come a time where you will have the choice to go or not go. I am saying you should go.” (Beecham)

What do you need to say to yourself today to strengthen your effort so as not to give up?



P.s. keep going (rest if you have to), but then keep going.

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