Self Care

The pursuit of potential involves the use of a lot of energy but also ‘Energy Management’ too.

As you continue to Define, Discover and Develop, self-care is very important as part of that too.

Dr. Segar puts forward how important it is to identify and practice at least one self-care behaviour daily.

Check this…

“… which self-care behavior do you think might be able to help you? Is it sleep, physical activity, meditation, reading a great book, or taking a bath before bed every night? You might not know now, but you can start experimenting to find out. Take the self-care behavior you think it might be, and list it as your foundational, nonnegotiable self-care behavior at the bottom of the hierarchy. Don’t worry; these hierarchies are not set in stone. They change whenever we determine that another self-care behavior is more foundational to our daily self-care need, which also change.”

I can’t emphasize enough how important this is. Chuck it in there, not as a once off but regular daily part of your potential.

Start small if you have to.

“When a self-care behavior becomes a daily need, we sustain it. We prioritize it in our lives much more easily, because it helps us with being who we are by fueling what matters most to us”. (Dr. Segar)

What self-care habit would you love to build in to your day?



p.s. A self – care habit or behaviour does not have to take hours, although it can. There are lots of options here worth reflecting on.

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