A big part of discovering and developing your potential can come from increased self-awareness and there are lots of ways to understand and enhance that.

Dave Mitchell, author of ‘The Power of Understanding People’ calls it ‘an elaborate process spanning your entire life’.

Dave offers an interesting and vivid schema to identify a preferred way of interacting.

He lists four main interactive styles including:

1. The Expert – big on process

2. The Romantic – big on people

3. The Mastermind – big on possibilities

4. The Warrior – big on pace

Dave says we may have a predisposition to (i) a dominant/automatic interactive style and (ii) a back up interactive style

See if you can identify with any of the four described briefly in more detail below.

1. EXPERT = A focus on processes, consistency, precision and details. They provide a consistent + safe approach in complex scenarios.

2. ROMANTICS = like to please, attuned to emotions, empathic + taken by their own feelings. Supportive of others, mediate well.

3. MASTERMINDS = future orientated possibility thinkers + really like concepts. Risk taking and enjoy new and different experiences.

4. WARRIORS = value to-do list ticking + time efficient. Logical + results orientated + pragmatic + goal orientated.

What’s your go to from the 4 above and what’s your 2nd one?

Below Dave offers a unique combo of your combined 1st + 2nd choice.


1. “Voice of reason” = EXPERT + ROMANTIC use an empathic and diplomatic approach when it comes to risk and details.

2. “Detective” = EXPERT + MASTER MIND experience joy in research + data towards an innovative solution.

3. “Specialist” = EXPERT + WARRIOR go after the perfect time frames.


1. “Best friend” = ROMANTIC + EXPERT brings together emotional flexibility with reliability and accuracy.

2. “Love interest” = ROMANTIC + MASTERMIND are outstanding communicators and possess charisma and get people inspired.

3. “Crusaders” = ROMANTIC + WARRIOR have heightened awareness of emotions yet goal driven.


1. “Eccentric” = MASTERMIND + EXPERT is a practical creator by turning concepts into actuality.

2. “Social reformer” = MASTERMIND + ROMANTIC takes risks towards a vision set out by a blue print.

3. “Adventurer” = MASTERMIND + WARRIOR go for new challenges and ideas and take risks.


1. “Sage” = WARRIOR + EXPERT seeks efficiency against the facts.

2. “Hired gun” = WARRIOR + ROMANTIC looks at the end game whilst negotiating the emotions that go with the journey.

3. “Power Broker” = WARRIOR + MASTERMIND seek results relentlessly.

What combo did you relate to the most?

with ARETE,


p.s. with a bit of self awareness and reflection we may come to realize that we have all of these qualities and capacities. Remember this is just a framework.

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