Seeds of Potential

Like farms? Gardening? When was the last time you planted something? Got your hands dirty so to speak?

Immersing can be a good thing...and can be strengthened by how and where we direct our attention and energy... case in point...check this view out...

“You are what you read. And science confirms this. Researchers from Dartmouth and Ohio State found that when you become engrossed with a book you may actually begin to not just identify with, but actually take on some of the traits and characteristics of the main character. For example, if you read a book about someone with a strong social conscience, your likelihood of doing something socially conscientious rises.”

That comes fro the book 'Big Potential' by Shawn Achor.

Shawn uses the term 'SEEDS' to denote the importance of planting to get a high yield on your Potential.

Here are five SEEDS he proposes...

1. 'Surround yourself' with people who bring out the 'positive' in you

2. 'Expand your power' by being committed to learning regardless of your 'job'

3. 'Enhance your resources' by giving praise to and recognizing the capacity of others

4. 'Defend against negative influences', by mindful of those factors and people that can put you in a sub-optimal mindset'

5. 'Sustain the gains" by keeping momentum on what you are creating'

Q.1. Are there any of these five that you are doing really well at already? Give an example.

More Planting, MORE POTENTIAL.

with ARETE,


p.s My answer to Q.1 is - I hang out everyday with a 'show up buddy' where we commit to 'Seed 2' (learning) which helps with 'Seed 5' (momentum) big time.

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