See it through

How realistic is it really to be enthusiastic and keen bean all of the time?

I mean really?

To state and declare I’m gonna be this zesty student of potential smiling n ‘positive’ and ‘upbeat’ all of the time is not necessarily realistic. Some can perhaps pull it off.

But what if playing the long game goes deeper than simply the word enthusiasm.

What if it’s something more, or for that matter something else?

“The critical work that you want to do—it can be done by you alone. It will require your deliberation and consideration. Passion doesn’t help. We don’t need you to be excited or amped. The world has that in spades.” (Ryan Holiday).

So then what?

“It’d be far better if you were intimidated by what lies ahead—humbled by its magnitude and determined to see it through regardless. Leave passion for the amateurs and the delusional. Make it about what you feel you must do and say, not what you care about and wish to be. Then you will do great things. Then you will stop being your old, good-intentioned, but ineffective self.” (Ryan Holiday).

Imagine having the resolve and decision that stated to you and you alone…

“you know what, I’m determined to see this through regardless…

Regardless of whether I flunk…I’ll see it through

Regardless of whether I’m in a mood…I’ll see it through

Regardless of whether I had a wobbly night of sleep…I’ll see it through

Regardless of whether I had an argument with someone…I’ll see it through

Regardless of whether I’m in a charged emotional state right now…I’ll see it through

Regardless, regardless, regardless…I’ll see it through…” (Abrahams)

Pick one thing. Just one thing where you are really determined to see it through.

Pick it



“Regardless of x,y,z I’ll see it through”



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