Second wind it

In my early teen years I was training boxing regularly with a friend.

During the week and to build fitness we’d meet at the park at 6.30 am for a run.

The route taken was interesting because it had inclines and declines to it.

Half way through something very interesting would happen.

I’d get a second wind and end the run with a sprint to the finish line.

Check this out…

“Only a few exceptional persons make any serious demands of themselves. The great majority of us miss the far greater accomplishments of which we are capable—and the greater joy in living this would bring to us—because we quit and sit down, gasping at the first sign of fatigue...The next time you get tired, and you’re doing something important, stay with it and see what happens. Each of us has tremendous second wind, mental and physical. Passing through the fatigue barrier to draw upon our idle reserves can make the difference between existing and really living. Emerson said, ‘Vigor is contagious; and whatever makes us either think or feel strongly adds to our power and enlarges our field of action.’” Nightingale

Next time you get tired…try staying with it.

What could happen if you did?



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