Scrap conditional offers

Ever tried to map something out to 'perfection', hold yourself unrealistically to it and give yourself a conditional offer? For e.g. saying something like 'Only once I do this in exactly this way will I then feel or be'.... (fill in the blank e.g. worthy, happy, complete).

What if that’s a thinking trap?

Author Guise says it’s great to have high standards and all yet give yourself some slack between the floor (minimum effective dose) and ceiling (best possible outcome).

“Your floor and ceiling are important considerations in life. Your floor in this case is the absolute minimum you need to be satisfied in life. Your ceiling is your upper potential and wildest dreams. If you’re living in between your floor and ceiling, you’re happy, because you have a minimum of what you need to be happy. And it goes without saying that you won’t surpass your ceiling (or else it isn’t a ceiling). Perfectionism is a problem because it makes ‘perfection’ your floor. When this is the case, you don’t have a ceiling. The floor is also the ceiling because perfection can’t be surpassed!”

Got a goal going on or a target?

What’s the floor i.e. minimum to feel a level of satisfaction and fulfilment?

What’s the ceiling – the tip of your potential in this area?

Maybe it’s okay to operate between the two (floor and ceiling) and still love and accept yourself?

What do you think?



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