Run the routine

When you think of the word routine what comes to mind?

Bottom line is that if you really wanna rock your potential on something big you might wanna consider some level of (flexible) and yet consistent ‘show up’ routines…

"That’s why I find great comfort in routine. If you ask me today where I will be at 6:20 A.M. on a Saturday morning in the year 2017, I’ll tell you I will be at my desk finishing the artwork on some comics I drew earlier in the week. That’s what I was doing last Saturday at that time and what I plan to do this Saturday as well. I can’t recall the last time I woke up and looked at my options for what to do first. It’s always the same, at least for the first few hours of my day.” (Scott Adams)

When I first came across this from Scott, it was before 5 am one morning as I was reading in a conference room.

The point landed.

I then thought…imagine say a year from now with that level of consistency and discipline?

I did’nt just imagine …I applied it.

I’d just started up a new website (this one) and was considering the pace and system required to write.

Starting with the routine question in mind and answering that first went something like this.

‘If I followed my own system of creating in a disciplined and routine fashion at a set time daily what might be possible?’

Fast forward 6 months from the answer + application to that question…

400 blogs, two published articles, 4 conference presentations, 6 new workbooks + a ton of talks, workshops, presentations.


One word…



Answer - Meaningful and inspiring to me + I love what I do.

Don’t waste time everyday figuring at a system for that day.

Isolate a system or two of discipline linked to your potential, embed it so deep, habituate it and then run with it Forest Gump style all the way to the finish line.

You’ll be amazed at what you achieve.

“Run Forest, Run.”



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