Routines of well – being

Heard of this saying?

‘When the going get’s tough, the tough get going’?

Let’s drill it down a bit more.

Check this out from Loehr…

“In rough times the safest thing to rely on is an established routine.”

So perhaps part of the ‘going’ part could be achieved through routines that promote your well – being.

Have you got routines that work for you? That keep you in balance?

As best as you can, consider moving ahead with them, even during the times you don’t necessarily feel like it.

Could be, just could be, that once completed you may feel a bit better + it might set you up to feel more resourceful and ready to take on the tough with your tough.



p.s. what’s a current well – being routine you’ve got (e.g. might be as simple as taking a shower).

p.p.s what’s a future well – being routine you’d like to install?

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