Right Now

How would you describe the 'Better You' right now?

Check this out from Cheng...

“The Better You is not a fixed, singular being. The Better You springs new from each moment, is born and dies with each action you take. Each action creates a new set of possibilities. The Better You is an alternate dynamic present, rather than a fixed, static past. Measuring yourself against the Better You is no mere matter of racing to beat the person you were the day before. Instead, you’re racing to keep up with the person you could be right now.”

Let’s roll with that for a moment.

With every action you take there is potential to be had.

With every moment there is an opportunity to come up to speed with the potential in your hands right now.

Grab it then with both hands.

Grab it now.

Right now, yes, right now….what would that look like for you?

Right now....The Better You.



p.s. right now

p.p.s grab it.

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