Got any experiences that now you look back on don’t seem so bad or perhaps even better than they actually were at the time?

There’s some real power in the way we frame and reframe experiences + the meaning we give to them.

Imagine doing that now…

Check this out from Cabane…

“Rewrite reality by considering a few helpful alternatives to your current perspective. For maximum effect, write down your new realities by hand and describe them in vivid detail.”

Got any current realities that could do with a rewrite? That is a different more resourceful perspective than the one you’re currently holding.

For e.g. maybe you’re feeling tired and going in a downward spiral towards something along the lines of ‘there’s so much to be done….’

Cue the rewrite….

'Isn’t it great that I’m expending my energy on activities that ultimately are moving me towards my potential. The fact that I’m feeling tired shows that I’m on my journey, doing my thing. Of course I’m gonna get tired when rocking it. I’m pretty darn excited by the opportunities ahead. Far from being too much, they’re exciting opportunities and challenges to grow and learn…bring em on.'

Compare the two.

Which one feels better.

Give it a bash…

Does not have to be fake. Let your own more resourceful words and interpretation flow.

You might be surprised at what you perceive and discover.



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