Responding to performance

I love planning and have done it quite systematically ever since my second year at university.

When I first started getting into it I’d peg my well – being and define my character according to how well I performed ‘perfectly’ for that day.

I’d get well annoyed when it did not go according to the intended plan and internally beat myself up over it. Over time those rigid edges started to soften, especially as I became more experienced and reflective.

“How you function during a good day does not define your character. It’s how you function during a bad day that is the true test... In order for you to reach your potential, you must know how you respond to poor performance. It is critical information you simply cannot move forward without.” (Beecham)

What can you do to bolster yourself to keep going even when responding to a poor performance?

What words of encouragement would you need to say to yourself during those times?

Where would you need to put your attention on?



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