Repping your Potential

In a previous post 'Origins of Potential' you'll notice to the right of the pic someone standing with their back to the image -

Meet Jerry!

Jerry is a recent masters graduate of bio - medical engineering who has started his professional careeer and consults and then some.

'Then some'...What do we mean by that?

To answer that lets start here. There is a saying 'Its never crowded on the extra mile'. Well this holds in learning style for Jerry.

Case in point. Even though certain levels have been realized and achieved Jerry has decided to take a self - directed and life long learning approach - deliberate practice style.

Every single weekday morning before work and with precision Jerry sits at a conference boardroom table (come rain or shine).

Why? Because he wants to. Doing what exactly?! Broadly speaking...

ACQUIRING META - LEARNING SKILLS and continually Defining, Discovering and Developing his Potential.

He spends close to 60 minutes every a.m. in deliberate, focused practice on a new meta skill - Speed reading.

Side note - What is Meta - Learning? Very aptly put "the process by which learners become aware of and increasingly in control of habits of perception, inquiry, learning, and growth that they have internalized" (Maudsley, 1979).

Key words there, 'aware, control, grow, internalize'.

He has been at this Meta - Skill consistently for months, sometimes hitting plateaus, sometimes making epic progress and sometimes just maintaining...yet always improving.

For Jerry, learning did not stop when he left the 'classroom'. If anything the learning process has intensified and the focus sharpened even more.

In fact he is so committed to learning that it has come to shape how he structures his time both in his own learning outcomes and also very importantly his time spent in rest and recovery (e.g. going to bed earlier).

In his book 'Deep Work' Cal Newport refers to Barker who essentially says that:

'Single - Tasking is the superpower of the 21st century'.

Is there a meta - learning skill that you are inspired to develop? A skill that perhaps once locked in would take you to new levels?

There is no 'right' time to learn, wake up, sleep or meta - skill - nor does it have to be 'speed reading'.

What's important though is that you consider developing (new or existing) meta - learning skills that you want to, inspire you, and take you to new levels.

It may mean playing the long game but the R.O.P (return on potential) will be off the charts.

What's it gonna take? First make a decision and then...Repititon + sufficient rest followed by lots and lots of showing up and leaning into deliberate practice sessions.

Rep after rep after rep 'extra mile style'.

With Arete


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