Replace it

It’s always interesting when you catch yourself in the moment aware of what you’re thinking.

This can be quite n.b. at any time of the day.

Case in point.

One morning I was lining up to start an awesome day (irrespective of what may come). As I was thinking about and appreciating the current context I stumbled on a subject that was about to start a negative spiral…

Because of the intentionality not to go down that road I caught it, brought it back to appreciating and carried on.

Check this out…

“The key to using thought replacement in sports is to identify what thought is most helpful for performance. If you determine what you want to accomplish in any given situation then lock your mind on what it takes to achieve that goal, you will have a much better chance of reaping the rewards. This is true in any setting—business, sport, or even social. As often as possible, choose to think about the path to success rather than the obstacles in your way. You have to decide what you want and then put your energy into acquiring it. Don’t wait for good luck to find you. Go out and create your luck. The only reliable method for overcoming self-doubt and negative thinking is to supply something else for your mind to process.”

(Jason Selk)

Takes a bit of work, and it’s not always going to be a 100% hit rate…yet growing your self-awareness about what you say to yourself, how you say it and how to replace it can be very good for your well – being and potential.

Give it a whirl + know the more you do this, the better you get at it.



p.s. does not have to be fake. It can be as simple as putting your attention on something you can recall or something you can see that generates a better thought then the one you might be having right now.

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