Relentless in your context

What does that mean in the context of your own potential?

Check this from Selk…

“I recently had a client ask me, “What does it really mean to be solution focused?” Being solution focused means keeping your thoughts centered on what you want from life and what it takes to achieve what you want, as opposed to allowing thoughts of self-doubt and concern to occupy the mind. The difference between a solution focus and a relentless solution focus is how often you commit to replacing negative thinking with solutions.”

I shared this one evening with a group of about 100 students where they were celebrating academic achievements to date.

The point landed not simply through trying to do a monologue but through inviting them to come up on stage and share what this would really mean.

It takes practice + doing to be relentlessly solution focused. The thinking alone won’t get you there. It will help, but you gotta be willing to try out strategies that potentially don’t yield and then ‘relentless solution focus’ and get back out there.

No one’s counting how many times it takes.

It’s not about that.

It’s about you being relentless which there is no need to quantify.



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