How do you rate yourself on the relaxation front?

Can you do it…that is rock it and unplug when you want to?

Check this out...

“What is the answer to this fatigue? Relax! Relax! Relax! Learn to relax while you are doing your work!”

How about some how-to’s on relaxing?

1. “Relax in odd moments. Let your body go limp like an old sock.”

2. “Work, as much as possible, in a comfortable position.”

3. “Check yourself four or five times a day, and say to yourself, ‘Am I making my work harder than it actually is? Am I using muscles that have nothing to do with the work I’m doing?’”

4. “Test yourself again at the end of the day, by asking yourself, ‘Just how tired am I? If I am tired, it is not because of mental work I have done but because of the way I have done it.’” (Carnegie)


You’ve got this.

With Arete,


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