Register the positive

I really like this term from Shimoff

‘Register the positive’.

Imagine doing that on the regular?

How might that enhance your mood and outlook.

Check this…

“Have the intention to notice everything good that happens to you: any positive thought you have, anything you see, feel, taste, hear, or smell that brings you pleasure, a win you experience, a breakthrough in your understanding about something, an expression of your creativity—the list goes on and on. This intention activates the reticular activating system (RAS), a group of cells at the base of your brain stem responsible for sorting through the massive amounts of incoming information and bringing anything important to your attention. Have you ever bought a car and then suddenly started noticing the same make of car everywhere? It’s the RAS at work. Now you can use it to be happier. When you decide to look for the positive, your RAS makes sure that’s what you see.” (Shimoff)

Make a list of 10 things that’s good for you right now.



P.s. might be simple and small things like the glass of water you just had.

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