Re-write the script

How you feeling these days? Certain and gritty, rushed n hurried?

Where do you find yourself in relation to honouring your well being and potential?

If you feeling a bit lost n kinda out there here’s a straight shooting perspective…

“Your life has capsized. It’s now upside down. You are giving your most important activity (creating your life) the least attention and respect of all the things you do. Your own well-being is at the bottom of the list. Of all the people waiting to see you next week, you yourself are at the end of the line. You’ll never meet with you because the line is too long.” (Chandler)

Let’s flip that script.

Imagine you front of the line.

Here is how that could look.

Your life is buoyant. It’s upright, inspiring, gritty and yet fun. You are giving your most important well - being and life possibitilities the most attention and respect. Your well – being is at the top of the list and daily you are at the front of the line. Your well – being and potential remain as daily priorities.

Which script you wanna choose?

With Arete


Ps gotta move beyond an existing script. Why not rewrite your own and test it in action daily. Could be fun!

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