Putting it Off

We set a task, goal or intention. Looks awesome and then it’s ‘time’ and we don’t do it. ‘Just five more minutes we say’ or ‘tomorrow will be better’ or ‘I’ll get to it’ or some version of delay.


Fiore, author of book ‘The Now Habit’ says…

“Procrastination is a habit you develop to cope with anxiety about starting or completing a task.”

Fiore says there are three big fears that are barriers to us taking action and they are:

1. ‘Terror of being overwhelmed’.

2. ‘Fear of failure’

3. ‘Fear of not finishing’

Fiore goes one step better than that to outline 5 stages of procrastination…


· “You give a task or a goal the power to determine your worth and happiness”

· “You use perfectionism to raise the task 100 feet above the ground”

· “You find yourself frozen with anxiety”

· “You then use procrastination to escape your dilemma”

· “You…use a real threat, such as…a deadline, to release yourself from perfectionism and to act as a motivator”

Any of these sound familiar to you?

Which ‘stage’ is perhaps ‘owning’ you right now?

How about the 3 fears associated with procrastination - Is there one in particular taking a hold on you right now?

Simply shedding light on these is a great step towards further insight

You could fill in the blanks below and say these aloud…

I’m aware that the FEAR of______ and my plan to overcome it is______.

I’m also away that I’m stuck in_______STAGE of procrastination and my plan to overcome that is to________.



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