Put in the time + energy

Ever fall into the trap of thinking that once you reach a new level of understanding, performance or achievement it’s all down hill and free ride from here?


Cos, I had that ‘arrival fallacy’ too.

The thinking that ‘once I’ve got to some place’ or achieved some thing, than any new obstacle or opportunity to grow after that will some how just be a pebble.

Check this out…

“Nothing in life is easy. You can’t wake up one day, announce you’re going to do something, and expect it to be a success. At least not consistently. You have to put time and energy and whatever you’ve got into it. You have to want to do it, want it badly.

That’s the point that perhaps some people who say they want something, whatever that something is, don’t fully understand. A lot of swimmers I trained with said they wanted to achieve something great but didn’t truly put time, energy, dedication, and heart into it.

I put time, energy, dedication, heart, and soul into it.” Phelps

What’s something you want to achieve?

What does a picture of you acting with energy, heart and soul look like?

How do you get to that picture?

If you were to create a checklist of things to do towards that picture, whats on the list?



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