Push past it...

Ever found yourself in a situation where all on the line requires pushing passed the adversity you face and overcoming?

Check this out…

“I’ve seen athletes who battled through adversity, working to find a way to get it done. They appeared to be hanging on with suction cups. Japanese athletes describe the quality as gambate—working hard, never giving up. Sometimes the suction cups don’t hold…” (Dorfman)

Then what?

Don’t give up.

“…Percussus resurgo—‘Struck down, I rise again!’ And again.” (Dorfman)

Make a decision to always come back and it don’t matter how many times you fall down. It only matters that you crack on.

Crack on.

Suction cups or not.

With Arete,


Ps you an athlete of your own potential…and a great one at that.

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