Pursuing Purpose

How Purposeful are you at the mo?

Author Damon offers some pointers on how to cultivate Purpose.

Check this out….

1. “It is never too early to begin a life of purpose—and it is never too late.”

2. “Although purpose is everywhere, it may be most readily found in places that are familiar to you.”

3. “Look around for mentors—‘purpose exemplars’—people who represent models of noble behavior in service of good causes.”

4. “When possible, get support from like-minded individuals.”

5. “Be prepared for occasional disillusionment, and resist it mightily. Anyone who harbours a lofty goal inevitably will fall short of completely attaining it.”

6. “Stay humble. When passion for a noble purpose turns into self-righteousness, we lose our capacity to learn from our mistakes or even to notice when we are making mistakes.”

7. “Be sure that your purpose stays noble by paying attention not only to the ends that you seek but also to the means by which you pursue it.”

8. “Celebrate your purpose, and be grateful for it.”

9. “Pass on your purpose to others, especially to the young. Set up apprenticeships. Get young people engaged in the noble causes that inspire you.”



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