As I was driving one morning just shy of 4.30 am to the gym I was listening to an book summary.

There are two lines from Phil Stutz that kept ringing in my ears:

“The worse you feel the more committed you are to your protocol!” (Stutz)


“The BETTER you feel, the MORE committed you are to your protocol.”

Let’s break this down.

If you look at the second line, it’s basically saying when you feel good you commit to a routine of excellence.

But what happens when you feel not so great?

Our natural inclination could be to rock it when we feel good and hold back when we feel naff.

But imagine saying as above…

“The worse I feel the more committed I am to a protocol!”


“The BETTER I feel, the MORE committed I am to a protocol.”

What is a protocol exactly?

Quite simply a set of sequenced activities that contribute to a key part of the day.

For e.g. here are a few protocols I’ve dialled in:

  • If it’s 4.30 am I write for one hour.

  • If its 5.30 am then I exercise.

  • If it’s morning time I commit to deep work.

You get the picture.

Think if a protocol of potential that you could introduce and imagine committing on days you feel on top of the world and also on days when you feel like the world is on top of you.

Guess what will start to happen?

A lot!



p.s. incremental installation is better than an all or nothing approach.

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