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Promising potential

The night before writing this I made a commitment to head to bed slightly earlier so I could wake up a little bit earlier.

So to bed I went and to sleep I did.

All good right?

Yeah, in theory.

But now when it came to actually waking up a little bit earlier I had a decision to make.

Hit the snooze button or get up and keep my intention that was set the night before.

As I awoke, I simply said to myself internally, ‘get up’ and I did.

No more theory. Pure action.

Check this…

“If you say to yourself that you will do something, do it. Don’t make promises you won’t keep, and don’t make promises to others if you can’t or won’t follow through. Become immaculate. Be honorable. ... By making your word law, you develop power. ... Most people are not used to their word as law. They are used to wimping out—slip-sliding away if conditions don’t suit them. It weakens them, for the mind knows you’re full of bull.” ~ Stuart Wilde

What’s a promise you’d like to keep to yourself today such that fulfilling it will add to your potential and possibilities?

With Arete,


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