Process over results

'Superhuman by Habit'.

Brilliant title to a book and the cover is quite funny.

Here’s the opening to that book by Tynan.

“It doesn’t always feel like it, but these days my life is dictated by the habits I’ve created. When people learn that I write every single day, study a foreign language every day, work on my big projects every day, eat healthy every day, work out every other day, and maintain a consistent sleep schedule, they marvel at the deep well of self-discipline that I have. In truth, though, it’s all just habits that feel easy. Habits are the closest thing we can get to having superpowers.”

Tynan puts forth that when seeking to build habits it’s important to:

1. Grade yourself

2. Grade yourself against your ability to adhere to process (rather than results).

“When evaluating your progress in building habits, you need something consistent to grade yourself against. Use your adherence to process, not your actual results. So if you’re trying to lose weight, evaluate yourself based on how well you stick to your plan rather than the number on the scale, especially in the short term.”

“Focusing on results, especially short-term results, is an excellent way to add stress to your life. That could lead to you quitting the habit associated with that stress, thus ensuring no long term results are ever achieved. Track your adherence to process, not your results.”

Can be a bit counter – intuitive innit? Start small and get those consistent wins everyday. The long-term results will come from those consistent mini steps.

What’s a tiny, easy, super easy, possible step you could take right now towards your potential? Something that could literally take you a minute or less to do?

Set the timer…You’re up.



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