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Pro Mode

As we move out of ‘Amateur Ville’ and into ‘Potential ‘Ville’ there are gonna be distractions on the way right.

Sometimes though we can put them in front of us unnecessarily.

As Pressfield shares in 'Turning Pro'...

'The amateur tweets. The pro works.'

Which one do you want to apply more today? Amateur mode or crush it like a Pro 'mode'?

To help you with this - a nifty tool which is part of 'The Clearer Picture process' from workbook Becoming a Student of Focus.

Takes about a minute or two + some future casting to fill in the blanks…


_____________________________________________________________________ MY GREATEST PERSONAL REASON FOR ACCOMPLISHING THIS GOAL IS __________________________________________________________________ I AM CONFIDENT THAT I CAN ACCOMPLISH THIS GOAL BECAUSE _____________________________________________________________________ A FUTURE ME WHO HAS ACCOMPLISHED THIS GOAL WOULD SAY ____________________________________________________________________ NOW THAT I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED THIS GOAL I FEEL _____________________________________________________________________ THE MOST POWERFUL THOUGHT ABOUT MYSELF I COULD HOLD TOWARDS ACCOMPLISHING THIS GOAL IS ____________________________________________________________

Let’s end off with this from Pressfield…

'It's not the writing part that's hard. What's hard is sitting down to write.'

It's time to 'sit down' and go 'PRO MODE'.

With Arete,


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