Priorities vs. Messages

Do you know how much energy you utilize for something as simple as sending a message or email?

Author, David Rock says a lot!

Check this example from him.

“…doing ten minutes of emailing can use up the power needed for prioritizing”.

David gives a nice detailed example of this.

“If Emily knew how energy-hungry her stage was, she would start her Monday morning differently. The big difference is she would prioritize prioritizing. She would prioritize first, before any other attention rich activity such as emailing. That’s because prioritizing is one of the brain’s most energy-hungry processes…

…After even just a few mental activities, you may not have the resources left to prioritize. Using your stage for something energy intensive such as prioritizing is like flying one of those toy helicopters you see at parks, the ones that are supposed to be for kids but that dads actually buy for themselves. Once Dad gets the helicopter off the ground a few times, it won’t get off the ground again because the power is too low. It gets close, rising a few inches off, and then collapses back down. And the more you try, the less energy there is. Best to recharge and try again later. In a similar way, doing ten minutes of emailing can use up the power needed for prioritizing. Emily experienced this when she couldn’t ‘see’ how to prioritize her day and ended up dealing with her emails instead.”

How do you sequence your day?

Do you put email or messaging first, before prioritizing?

Need a re-charge?



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