Preliminary assessments

It can be quite tricky to hold the phone and contemplate deeply on what really lights you up.

How very easy it can be to dive into something based on how we feel about it now, especially the thing we perceive as enjoyable.

Consider though that the approach of being all amped up and in that elated state whilst making a decision related to a commitment might be limited.

Check this from Stulberg and Magness…

“Individuals who adopt a fit mind-set of passion tend to overemphasize their initial feelings. They are more likely to choose pursuits (and especially professions) based on preliminary assessments, not potential for growth—even though the latter is generally more important than the former for lasting fulfillment and satisfaction. People with fit mind-sets for passion are also more likely to give up on new pursuits at the first sign of disappointment, shrugging their shoulders and thinking, I guess this isn’t for me. Furthermore, studies show that individuals with fit mind-sets actually expect their passions to dwindle over time, setting themselves up for midlife crises once their initial enthusiasm for an activity has diminished. Put all this together, and a compelling story emerges: A fit mind-set for passion is constraining; it inherently limits one to activities that feel good immediately and makes one fragile to challenge or change.”

Where you doing this?

What’s a more contemplative approach to take?

What key questions do you need to pose and answer?

Ultimately, are you willing to be in it for the long haul?



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