Practical dreaming

As the year is moving into the last quarter it’s always a time of the year where I like to map + reflect on current and next year goals.

I’ve been sitting with a nice coaching tool this morning, courtesy of the work of

Here’s basically how it works.

Map and think about 5 years from now – what’s an ideal pic?

Now in years past I’d got lost in that fantasy realm.

But now…?

Woop it!

So, the next part of that sheet is after identifying a 5 year wish + seeing the outcome you then do something really important.

You ask…

What’s the current obstacle to the wish?


Whats the plan to overcome the obstacle?

For example my current obstacle to one of my five year goals is a current lack of clarity of specific steps I need to take.

Here’s my plan…

“If I experience or feel a lack of clarity over specific steps, then I’ll map out and write down the existing steps that I know are essential to the five year plan and build them out from there.”

You see that? Took a current block, added a dash of self reflection and immediately had a way to action a potential solution to a current challenge related to this 5 year ‘wish’.

You can do the same.

“Be a practical dreamer backed by action” ~ Bruce Lee



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