Potential + 'Butterfly effect'

You may have heard of the 'Butterfly effect' which comes out of Chaos Theory. The concept is through an example that the flapping of butterfly wings in one part of the world can contribute towards a hurricane in another part.

Imagine that application to our potential.

Author, Guise introduces us to the concept of 'Mini Habits' (in the book by the same name) as an approach he dubs as 'too small to fail."

I like this from him:

"Be the person with embarassing goals and impressive results instead of one of the many with impressive goals and embarrassing results."

Guise says that mini habits that require low-will power + easy to leverage + easy to access can lead to greater results.

To embark on this Mini Habits journey check out what Guise suggests below:

A Mini Habits checklist...

- First choose what it is (the mini habit you want to install)

- Ask why and go deep with that (gotta come from you)

- Find 'cues' by way of set times or activities

- Reward the completion of the mini habit with something after

- Track it by way of writing it done or checking it off - coud be paper based or app based or other

- Go small - 'too small to fail approach'

- Crush the mini goal and let go of overly high expectations - e.g. if you do one pushup regularly don't suddenly raise it to 50! Increments are better.

- Read the signs - watch and celebrate for when the mini habit starts to become easier.

Give it a try...

'Too small to fail style'

with ARETE,


p.s. I used to mini habit daily drinking an espresso size glass of water (always visible).

Butterfly days later ... I'm hitting 2-3 litres comfortably. It just took some flaps of the wing.

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