Plugged in

Ever felt like you’re in the ‘zone’?

Completely focused, plugged in, attuned, focused, concentrated?

Check this out from Lardon, author of ‘Finding your Zone’.

“Simply put, the Zone is a mental state in which your thoughts and actions are occurring in complete synchronicity. The thinking part of the brain, the cerebral cortex, is bypassed and one’s mind is actually operating at a more primitive, reflexive level while being fully engaged. When the thinking brain is quiet it can react (or act) more efficiently, sampling increments of time in smaller intervals, which is why people who have experienced the Zone talk about feeling as if time passes slowly and effortlessly. The 100-mile-an-hour baseball comes in slow motion; the feeling is calm and the result is often beyond expectation. Children are playing in the Zone. They do not have to have a magic drug or mantra. They don’t need a $400-an-h0ur shrink. The Zone is not a magical place, although it feels that way. Indeed, it is a state of mind, an attitude, and a mental goal that all of us possess the potential to attain.”

What puts you in the zone?

What could put you in the zone?

Where, when, and towards what?

Go do that…test it.



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