Playing the long game

In his book 'The way of the fight' St-Pierre has a very nice take on cramming or rather not cramming!

"One of the lessons I learned in all those years of practicing karate is that progress only comes in small, incremental portions. Nobody becomes great overnight. Nobody crams information if they want to be able to use it over the long term.”

~ Georges St-Pierre

What small, incremental step can you take today towards your studies?

To help you crush again a tool from book 'Becoming a Student of Discipline.'


"What is a smaller picture? A smaller picture is a plan of something that you want to create that contributes towards a greater goal or purpose that you hold. An example of a smaller picture can be the steps involved in completing an assignment, or preparing for a test. Your smaller pictures can link well to your inner and bigger pictures of vision and purpose.

The questions below will help you to realize one of your smaller pictures."

Takes about a minute to fill in the blanks...(may help to put pen to paper).

THE SMALLER PICTURE I want to achieve is


This smaller picture links well to my vision and purpose because _____________________________________________________________________

My greatest positive reason for this smaller picture is _____________________________________________________________________

The greatest supportive thought I hold about this task is _____________________________________________________________________

In my mind a mental picture that I hold of the final outcome is ______________________________________________________

Play the long game by crushing those small wins.

With Arete,


Georges “Rush” St-Pierre, also known as “GSP,” is a Canadian professional mixed martial artist and UFC world champion who holds black belts in both Kyokushin

karate and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Connect:

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