Play 'Catch'

How good is your ‘catch?’

Lanny Basham has an awesome line to say to yourself every time you nail it.

‘That’s like me.'

Whether a big win or a micro win…repeat ‘That’s like me.'

Got this reinforced recently from Brian, founder of

He introduced a blank grid to check off each time you act towards your ‘fundies’ (fundamentals of potential).

So, what did we do?

We had fun with it and introduced it to our 6-year-old daughter.

Each time any of us would do something aligned with what we were seeking to actualize (big or small), the pen would be ready to tick off and we’d repeat aloud ‘That’s like me.'

As our daughter would tick off we’d say ‘that’s like you.'

Great fun.

Catch yourself in the moment when you experience a win and repeat ‘That’s like me.'

It works…



p.s. any small wins your 'caught' today? Any you'd love to catch?

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