'Planet Neptune'

“If you want to take action toward a desired future, then be sure to choose wishes that are challenging but still attainable for you. WOOP won’t help you live more fully if your wish is to live on planet Neptune or become a billionaire within a year.” ~ Gabriele Oettingen

Prof. Oettingen has developed the WOOP tool, an acronym that stands for Wish, Outcome, Obstacle and Plan (to overcome the obstacle).

Here is an example

Wish - to write 1000 pages in a year

Outcome - I'll feel very accomplished and I can see the stack of printouts that can lead towards a new book

Obstacle - the time it takes to write even one page

Plan - if I experience difficulty with time, than I'll map out specific time blocks to write each page

Voila! Takes literally a minute or so to do and you can apply it on any goal, big or small that you're after.

"I’ll end with two vital questions that I hope you never stop asking yourself: What is your dearest wish? What holds you back from achieving it?” (Oettingen).

Now you have a tool to answer both of those...regularly!

with ARETE,


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