Pivot your potential

I’ve had an incredible opportunity to mastermind with some seriously creative, innovative and gritty entrepreneurs over the course of six months.

In a recent touch base with em one of them shared how they were now at the stage with their company where they needed to ‘pivot’.


“A pivot is powerful because it takes away all of your excuses. It puts you back in control of the game you’re playing. Pivoting isn’t plan B; it’s a part of the process. Unexpected things will happen; setbacks do occur. Whether or not you’re prepared to pivot will affect how well you weather those storms and find a way to survive.

We often look at successful people, hearing their stories of failure, and think that they succeeded despite the fact that they failed. But that’s not true. Successful people and organizations don’t succeed in spite of failure. They succeed because of it. ...

The world can be cruel. It’s nobody’s responsibility to make your dream come true. Tough times will come, and what determines a person’s success during such trying times is the ability to pivot. Every calling encounters setbacks, and sometimes people don’t want what you have to offer, or maybe they just don’t understand it. Other times, life throws you a curveball or the passion you once had wanes. At times like these, we are inclined to give up, but these are the moments that require our most intentional action.” (Goins)

Got anything in relation to your potential that requires you to pivot?

What you waiting for?




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