Pitch your day

I had such a great day recently.

Don’t get me wrong.

Not cos I ain’t in the habit of having great days but cos of the particular uniqueness of this one.

In front of a fair few number of investors a team and I were pitching.

Standing there, we had 5 minutes…that’s it.

Cos of the level of prep prior we knew the only thing we had control over was the delivery but not the outcome nor the opinions.

We were well gritty leading up to it and carried being so after.


It opened up entirely new possibilties.

Check this.

“People with authentic grit are not wildly unrealistic about their competencies, but they do take risks because they have self-efficacy—they believe they will figure out whatever they need to know or do to accomplish their goals. One of their most distinguishing characteristics, however, is that they do not fear failure, and they don’t necessarily allow themselves to visualize or accept the idea that they will fail. ...

The reason grit requires skillful risk-taking is that gritty people often break new ground, doing things that haven’t been done by them or, often, by anyone else. They have to go outside their comfort zone over and over to get where they want, all the while with no guarantee of success. That doesn’t stop them, though; they’d rather bet on themselves than accept a life in which they’ll never know what might nave been.” (Miller)

What does going outside of your comfort zone look like?

What would it take for you to fear failure less and less?

With Arete,


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